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Aquí comparto con ustedes un prototipo de como me gustaría que fuera la experiencia al leer el web cómic. Lleno de acción aventuras y más que nada, la nostalgia de aquellas series Anime de antaño con las que crecimos.

Conozcan más de 4TAKEN Entertainment en los siguientes enlaces.

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Aquí les dejo un vídeo Tributo, de todo le que se hice en el 2013 Junto a mi socio SErgio! Un saludos a todos y Feliz Año nuevo!
Síganme también el Canal de mi Equipo 4TAKEN Entreteinment. :iconteam4taken: <-Click :D

Hola amigos! aqui probando el Art Academy Sketchpad! saludos!
he comenzado una serie de Tutoriales! para kienes kieran aprender a usar photoshop desde 0! esta es una buena oportunidad
aki comparto lo ke se! saludos!

Introduccion a Photoshop:

Photoshop 2
Primer JAG-tutorial! una pekeña introducción ANTES de entrar en materia en el uso de herramientas y cosas tecnicas
MAke you sujestion for the GRand FInale!

Hola hispanohablantes! aqui un video y un mensaje para todos ustedes!
A quien corresponda!
HI GUYs! Please! Support me on youtube! Just Watch the Video! HOpe you like it!! BESt -JAG-

HI GUYs! Please! Support me on youtube! Just Watch the Video! HOpe you like it!! BESt -JAG-

Edit: Here the Speed painting video! PleasE! if you like the videos and you Got a Youtube account SUBSCRIBE!
Suport my new channel! I can't Do it without you! Cuz I Do it For U! Blessings to ALL!

!! subscribe my new chanel on youtube! I'm Planning on Do tutorials, and cool Stuff... WIll see! please! Watch the video! every View counts!

I been very busy working with my team :iconteam4taken: on "the trail of the songbird ep.4" here! the past Episodes! and as Soon as the episode 4 is on youtube I'll put it here. THANks FOr your Support!!

"the trial of the songbird Ep.1"

"the trial of the songbird Ep.2"

""the trial of the songbird Ep.3"
Here is you oportunity! Episode 3 is Up! make a sujestion on how the story should continue! and if you are selected by mashinima! me and my team :iconteam4taken: will be doing the animation! and you will get the credit on the script! 
remember to put your sujestion on the comment seccion below the video (youtube)
here episode 3 Enjoy:…
Edit: Here is episode 3! now you can make you sujestion (youtube)! COntinue the Story! best of lucks!

<da:embed wytiwyg="1" profile="youtube" id="9t_vZtef6Xk>
I've been off for a few days! but finally!! We: :iconteam4taken: finished "The trail of the songbird ep.3" For Mashinima's Happy hour" Sooo! I invite you to be aware, tuned, Alert! Cuz the next episode we animate CAN BE YOURS!! is very easy to participate! when episode 3 is uploaded on youtube, you must write a sujestion on how the story should continue! (in the comment seccion bellow the video)

here is a Sample! this is the comment that we animate for episode 2 by Cortezj5 (selected by mashinima)
"As it turns out, there were bird robot steroids in the breadcrumbs! Giving songbird the ultimate? power! His hair gets all spiky and blonde and he can shoot hadoukens FROM HIS EYES! Using these new power(s)? He bursts in on our nefarious villain just as he is about to do unspeakable things and kicks his butt off! (Like literally kicks him in the butt, and his butt flies off) and he then rescues our damsel in distress and they return to their sky fortress when a tear leads them to a night club! As they enter the tear our villain pursues them!!! Dun dun duuuunnn!"

Here episode 1 & 2!

"the trail of the songbird Ep.1"

"the trail of the songbird Ep.2"

Today is the first anniversary of the Team 4taken! Four friends decided to join forces for the sake of entertainment, seeking to fullfil their DReams supporting each others. and has been a year of learning and many achievements!
I'm really surprised of what we have achieved in a year.
our first Teamwork was "Rolando Quintana" please watch:… with this animation we decided to unite our talents! it wasn´t a hit! but it was a start, from then we continue producing! working for small companies, , even commissions, we are Developing a video game with NENENKET… and now we are working on animations for Mashinima.

As a member of the TEam! I want to share this happiness with you!
So! thanks for your support! you who Follow :iconjag-comics: and for those who support 4taken :iconteam4taken: as well

hoy es el primer aniversario del equipo 4 taken! 4 amigos decidimos unir fuerzas por el bien del entetenimiento, buscando cumplir nuestros sueños apoyándonos los unos a los otros. y ha sido un año de mucho aprendizaje y muchos logros!
estoy realmente sorprendido de lo que hemos logrado en un año.
nuestro primer trabajo en equipo fue "Rolando quintana"… con esta animacion decidimos unir nuestros talentos! no fue un hit! pero fue un comienzo, de ahi en adelante seguimos produciendo! trabajando para pequeñas compañias, empresas, incluso comisiones, estamos desarroyando un videojuego:…  junto a NENENKET y ahora trabajamos en animaciones para Mashinima.

Como Miembro del Equipo! quiero compartir mi felicidad con ustedes! así que Gracias por su apoyo ! a los que me siguen en esta cuenta y en la de Team4TAKEN :iconteam4taken:
DEar DeviantFriends And Watchers:

three friends and I founded a group dedicated to Entertainment, We name it "4taken Entreteinment" we are completing one year as a team on Jun 7, So! we are very happy about it! I would like YOu Follow me
  Here: :iconteam4taken:( i'll be driving this account too) please "watch" and leave comments!
Here I will put some of the content:

Aztec xilo's Artwork:… (4taken (c) OC)
Project -N.I.V.A.-:… (4taken (c) OC)
Labyrinths and lizards:… (4taken (c) OC)

all the folders are going to be updating, soo! keep in touch!

I thankyou in advance! FOR YOUR SUPPORT!
:iconhellfunpublishing: is a small independent manga and comic publisher, and to celebrate their new Deviant acuont, is giving 3000 points!
and if you want them! check this Journal!  hellfunpublishing.deviantart.c… SO Good luck and that includes ME!

to know more of their work! take a look of this 2 series!
Aslas D: hellfunpublishing.deviantart.c…
Elpis: hellfunpublishing.deviantart.c…
HI! I share with you the part 2 of "the trail of the songbird! made by: Me and :iconteam4taken: we did this for Mashinima! with the open invitation to submit your story for episode 3! so check it out! and be part of this!
submit your story here:… On the comment secction!
If you are chosen! we are gonna be animating your idea!
 HOPE You like it!
Special Thanks for: :iconrovas117: who show me how to embed a video in the journal! :D
May4Teen! Goodvday to be a Deviantone! here to share Art and be amazed by you! so! Let'sArt!